In 2015, Miss Can did an epic journey to Copenhagen to participate on Creative Business Cup. To more information, follow the arrow.

Hi, my name is Miss Can. I’m the daughter of a “Varina” (a fisherman's wife who sells fish) and I’m practically a mermaid. I was born from the wish to create a business linked to the canning industry, hence recovering a family heritage.

It was in 1911 that the Soares Ribeiro family began this business by creating two canneries. A century later, three partners (two of Luis Soares Ribeiro´s grandchildren and a great-granddaughter of João Rodrigues, a stockist and distributor of the 1st Portuguese cannery) decided to put together a high quality selection of canned fish in an entirely artisan process, thus revealing what Portugal has best to offer.

I started to sell my fish, in 2013, in São Jorge’s Castle in Lisbon, where I'm always surrounded by people from all over the world and everyone showed great interest in my fish! You can also take me with you. I have 5 different moods: Traditional, Hot, Brave, Creative and Patriot. All full of Portugality, design and tradition.

In 2015, I won the National Prize for Creative Industries (PNIC) in Portugal and Arla Foods Innovation Challenge in Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen that, besides filling me with pride, enabled me to dream higher.

So, I’ve decided to transform my home into a “Petiscaria” (a place for delicacies), where everyone can socialize, share experiences and taste Portuguese superior quality canned fish cooked in the traditional method.

In this house, I want to share with you the best Portugal has to offer: Portuguese canned fish, crunchy bread, honest wine and much more! 

I look forward to your visit,

The Portuguese fish canning industry was born more than 150 years ago. This industry not only drove the national economy but also created the livelihood of many families. The 1st factory opened in Vila Real de Santo António (Algarve).

Typically, women´s names are given to brand canned goods. They say that they represent the canner´s platonic love for them. Gisela, Minerva, Tricana are some of the names given. Our name is Miss Can, daughter of a fishwife, almost mermaid, whom we fell in love with.


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Sardine, Mackerel Fillets and Tuna Fillets

In Olive Oil

Simply with olive oil is the most elementary of all packs and therefore the more traditional.The sardines, mackerel and tuna are therefore at their most authentic and genuine.

In our gastronomy section be delighted with a fresh and delicious tuna salad joined with chickpeas, onion, olive oil and vinegar, topped off with a boiled egg.

Discover through our historical curiosities who was the creator of the swallow drawings that have become national icons, where Fado was born and many other portuguese traditions!

MissCan Order MissCan Order MissCan Order

Sardine, Mackerel Fillets and Tuna Fillets
In Spicy Olive Oil

The spicy olive oil is the most daring of all packs and therefore the audacious one. The sardines, mackerel and tuna come to life through the chili! If you are one of those who just like it spicy, you just have to crush the chili and let it evolve.

In our gastronomy section discover how with a touch of mayonnaise, fresh coriander on a thin cracker, you can create a rich starter filled with flavor.

Discover through our historical curiosities where the word Sayonara comes from, how spices were worth gold in the epic age of the Discoveries, and many more spicy curiosities of our country.
MissCan Order MissCan Order MissCan Order

Sardine, Mackerel Fillets and Tuna Fillets
In Tomato Sauce

Despite having been taken in the past as poisonous by the Europeans, tomatoes currently are part of worldwide cuisine. And we, portuguese, are the people who eat them almost everyday.

Tomatoes are very rich and therefore the sardines, mackerel and tuna become even more delightful when embedded in it!

In our gastronomy section discover how the mackerel with the sauce, a baked potato and a salad can become a perfect meal.

Discover through our historical curiosities who was the founder of Portugal, or who was the man who saved more jews than Schindler, and many more brave acts made by this fighting people.
MissCan Order MissCan Order MissCan Order

Sardine, Mackerel Fillets and Tuna Fillets
In Spicy Olive Oil

The pickles blend into this pack in such a natural way, as they too are preserved, just like the fish! We added a bit of spice to give a gleam to the sardines, mackerel and tuna. 

In our gastronomy section discover how a drizzle of olive oil, a tomato and a dash of salt can enrich a beautiful sardine! 

Discover through our historical curiosities about the Portuguese cobblestone, about the creators of GPS (Nónio) in the epic age of the Discoveries, which Portuguese writer received a Nobel Prize and a lot more about Portuguese creativity spread all over the world.

MissCan Order MissCan Order MissCan Order

In Olive Oil, in Olive Oil with Chickpeas and in Poveira Sauce

Codfish is the most different and patriotic of all packs, and the most eaten fish in Portugal. We serve cod fish with garlic, chickpeas and Poveira sauce, and all of them are magnificent when savored.

In our gastronomy section discover how codfish accompanied with garlic and the renowned 'punched' potato is simply charming. A complete meal!

Discover through our historical curiosities how many codfish recipes we have, discover the wine chosen to toast to the independence of the USA, how many days of sunshine a year we have and so many other things about this little great nation.
MissCan Order

Roes of Sardines
In Spicy Olive Oil

We didn’t resist the charm of this delicacy and decided to complete our offering with unparalleled pleasure.

The roe are preserved in olive oil with a slice of lemon and a touch of spice. Simply delicious!

Try it just on a thin cracker and let yourself go.
MissCan Order

Point of sale

Lisbon Airport



Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 23

Lisboa, Portugal


Rua Anchieta 11

Lisboa, Portugal

Mercado de Campo de Ourique

Rua Coelho da Rocha

Lisbon, Portugal

Universidade da Madeira

Campus Universitário da Penteada Piso 0

Funchal, Portugal

Rua do Lapadusso, 73

Peniche, Portugal

Lx Factory

Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103

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Rua dos Capelistas, 31

Braga, Portugal

Rua Rainha D. Maria II, nº33

Guimarães, Portugal

Rua Galeria de Paris 20-1º


Porto, Portugal

Galerias Comerciais do Campo Pequeno, Loja 147

Lisboa, Portugal

Rua São João nº 18-20 

Porto, Portugal

Terreiros 1F

9880-368 Santa Cruz Graciosa

Azores, Portugal

Aeroporto Internacional da Madeira

Santa Cruz

Madeira, Portugal

Rua Silva Lopes 30

Lagos, Portugal

CC E. Leclerc, Loja 8

Quinta do Salgado

Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Av. do Lago,4

Estoril, Portugal

Rua Latino, 63A

Lisbon, Portugal

Doca do Bom Sucesso Belém

Lisboa, Portugal

Amoreiras Shopping Center

Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco, Loja 2037

Lisboa, Portugal

Colombo Shopping Center

Av. Lusíada

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Praça Jacob Rodrigues Pereira, 20

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Esplanada D. Carlos I

Lisbon, Portugal

Av. José dos Santos Farias

Lote 102 Loja B, Almancil

Algarve, Portugal

Rua Capitão-Mor Garcia Gonçalves Madruga 28B

Lajes do Pico

Azores, Portugal

Calçada da Serra 85,

4430-236 Vila Nova de Gaia


Avenida do Atlântico 189

Praia das Maçãs


Rua Morais Carvalho,30

Vouzela, Portugal

Quinta de Vale Abraão, Samodães

Lamego, Portugal

Avenue du Roi Chevalier, 29

1200  Woluwe Saint Lambert


Avenue des Cerisiers, 83

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3063 HC Rotterdam


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Paris, France

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Lyon, France

St Henri, 13016

Marseille, France

4 Rue Centrale,

Annecy Le Vieux, France

Emser Str. 42

D-10719 Berlin


Kohlgasse 25

D-89073 UI, Germany

Hochallee, 44


Paseo de los Puentes, 9 - Bajo

Coruña, Spain

Brugata 9

Oslo, Norway

Vorosmarty u. 30, 

Budapest, Hungary

Naschmarkt Stand 324-325

Vienna, Austria 

Morada: Rua da Artilharia 

Telefone: +351 211 111 111 


Morada: Rua da Artilharia 

Telefone: +351 211 111 111 


Morada: Rua da Artilharia Telefone: +351 211 111 111 Email:

Miss Can

Escritório | Office
R. Artilharia Um, 71-77 | Palácio Piso 1, Sala 6
1250 - 038 Lisboa, Portugal
T. +351 213 420 877 | M. +351 931 768 568 

Petiscaria | Tapas Bar

Largo  do Contador Mor 17, Castelo
1100 - 160 Lisboa, Portugal
M. +351 910 007 004

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